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Porting Authority Form

Please complete this form if you want to move one or more phone numbers to Vonage

Once you have completed the online form, you will need to provide electronic authorisation to finalise the Porting Authority request. Authorised persons include the current communication provider account holder or a representative able to act on behalf of the Customer Organisation in the position described on the form.

Important Number Transfer Information

Thank you for your request to transfer your existing telephone number into Vonage. Vonage is able to transfer most numbers. There are some numbers that we are not able to transfer. If we are not able to transfer your number we will inform you of this via e-mail.

Important Information

Please be aware that before submitting your number transfer details below, your Vonage Business Cloud service needs to be configured and active, successfully making at least one outbound call and have received a call. Without this, we will not be able to accept your request to transfer your number.

DO NOT CANCEL any existing services until instructed to by Vonage Porting specialist, otherwise, YOU MAY LOSE the NUMBER that you wish to transfer and Vonage will not be able to recover it for you.

Vonage may instruct you to divert selected numbers to a temporary number provided by Vonage until the porting process is complete for you to receive incoming calls on your Vonage Business Cloud service and simplify the porting process and speed up the process. Vonage may request that you alter the configuration of the numbers you wish to port with your current provider in order to make porting faster (eg. Remove Line Hunt feature). Guidance to porting timeframes may be found on our website.

You may experience some disruption to your telephone service on the day that phone number is transferred to Vonage.

When a phone number transfer is complete the losing provider may disconnect the phone line or alternatively, you may have to submit a request to disconnect the service.

Broadband Service

Please ensure that none of the numbers being transferred is being used to deliver your broadband service otherwise you may disconnect your broadband service. Some NBN services also require a telephone line to deliver your broadband service. To maintain both your broadband and Vonage service, you must keep a traditional telephone landline.

Our Vonage Porting specialist will perform the necessary checks before submitting the Porting Application to the losing carrier, however, to avoid any interruption to your services, you could do the following:

  1. Check with your broadband provider to verify if the broadband is delivered over a telephone line and obtain the Full National Number(FNN).
  2. If the FNN is required to be transferred, then request that your broadband provider move your internet connection to an alternative phone line that is not being transferred or request they install a new telephone line and move the broadband service to this line. Please be aware, if your business location is within an NBN active area, they may not be able to install a new telephone line due to NBN “Cease Sale” or NBN “Disconnection” regulations preventing the installation
  3. Only when the new telephone line has been installed and your broadband has been moved to the new line is Vonage able to continue the number transfer process.

Your data will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which sets out the rights you have in respect of your data.

Please note: You are responsible for any fees imposed by your current provider associated with your number transfer.

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